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Admiralty Chambers believe in learning by way of practice. Our chambers is a place of camaraderie and mutual support, an environment that we believe is essential for training and growth, be it for students, pupils as well as our qualified barristers.


Prospective and current pupils are encouraged to read the Hong Kong Bar Association’s page on pupillage thoroughly.

As Admiralty Chambers do not have a pupillage committee, prospective pupils should address their applications by letter to the counsel with whom they wish to undertake pupillage.

Applicants may wish to specify the period(s) for which they wish to undertake pupillage at Admiralty Chambers. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview.

Members of chambers who are open to taking pupils are:

Mini Pupillage
Mini-pupillages (i.e. internships in a barrister’s chamber during holidays) are becoming popular with law students. Seasoned members of chambers are happy to provide such chances to students for a taste of life at the Bar.

Interested students should send in by post their CVs completed with a cover letter, addressed to individual barrister(s) if desired. Our Chambers will invite potential mini-pupils to an interview.

Members of chambers who are ready to take mini-pupils are:


Current pupils who are seeking tenancy opportunities should note that applications for tenancy must be made by letter on or before 31 July each year.


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