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Agnani, Meena K.

Meena completed her LL.B and PCLL at the University of HK (HKU) and was called to the Bar in 2013. She practices in civil and criminal cases. Meena has represented clients in disputes involving commercial, contractual, land, matrimonial and personal injury matters. She has also acted for clients on interlocutory applications such as mareva injunctions and strike-out applications.

In respect of criminal cases, Meena has acted for clients on criminal appeals, bail applications and mitigation.

Having obtained accreditation in General and Family Mediation (HKMAAL, HKIAC), Meena has helped parties resolve various types of disputes in general as well as family-related issues. She has successfully mediated divorce disputes involving matters such as custody, care and control and financial issues. Meena is also a Collaborative Practice Group (CPG) panel member with the HKCPG. CPG is an increasingly popular voluntary process in divorce disputes where parties can agree to having sector-specific professionals such as lawyers, psychotherapists, financial planners to execute certain aspects of the participation agreement to facilitate cost efficiencies.

Meena also represents asylum seekers in processing non-refoulement claims under the Duty Lawyer Convention against Torture (CAT) Scheme. This process involves extracting the necessary information from claimants and undertaking research regarding the claimant’s country of origin information (COI) to enable the Immigration Department to consider the asylum application and to reach a proper decision in a timely fashion.


Other qualifications

  • Accredited Family Mediator (HKMAAL & HKIAC)
  • Accredited General Mediator (HKMAAL & HKIAC)
  • HK Collaborative Practice Group (HKCPG)
  • Family Mediation Co-Ordinator’s Office (FMCO – the Judiciary)

Year of Call: 2013



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