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Lilian H.Y. Ip 葉煦欣

Lilian has a broad civil practice encompassing various areas of laws, with emphases on land and building management, trusts, company law and directors’ disputes, commercial law, civil fraud, and family and matrimonial law. Recently, she has developed interest and expertise in mental health law and accepted instructions in several cases concerning the appointment of family committee of the alleged mentally incapacitated persons under Part II of the Mental Health Ordinance.

Lilian is regularly instructed to appear in civil trials and contested applications, either led or in her own right. She also has experience dealing with urgent applications such as freezing injunctions and disclosure orders in sum recovery and civil fraud cases. Apart from court work, she has taken up numerous instructions to advise in a range of civil cases.

Aside from practice, Lilian is a contributor and annotator for LexisNexis Hong Kong for its various legal publications in the areas of mental health law, civil fraud, employment law, and date protection.

Lilian read law at University of Bristol, United Kingdom (specialising in intellectual property law) and University of Hong Kong. Prior to law, Lilian studied biochemistry and biomedical science (with double minors in Business and Social Science (Psychology)) and obtained her undergraduate degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Year of Call: 2018

Qualifications: MA in Law (Bristol); P.C.LL (HKU), BSc (HKUST)

Telephone: 2527-3082

Fax: 2529-8226



Cheung Kam Biu & Ors v Ho Wah Lan & Ors, [2020] HKDC 948; DCCJ 5350/ 2016 (Resisting the Defendant’s leave to appeal application) (sole counsel)

Cheung Kam Biu & Ors v Ho Wah Lan & Ors, [2020] HKDC 649; DCCJ 5350/ 2016 (Acting for all owners of the building to evict trespassers claiming adverse possession in the entrance staircases of the building violating fire safety directions and the DMC) (sole advocate)

Chow Lily & Ors v Hau Suk Kiu Shirley, [2020] HKDC 896; DCCJ 1732/2013 (Succession of beneficial interest in land; agency agreement; authority to sue; and relativity of titles in land) (with Kay Chan)

Chan Yuk Ping v Liew Shuk Fui [2020] HKDC 779; DCMP 720/2020 (Obtaining Order of committal against the Defendant in breach of injunction order to cause nuisance) (sole advocate)

Horizonic Limited v Incorporated Owners of Dragon View House, DCCJ 874/2018 (27 October 2020) (Resisting the Plaintiff’s application to seek costs relating to discontinuance of action with leave when the claim became academic) (sole advocate)

Kacoo Fashion Limited v Hinyuen Industry Limited, DCCJ 3158/2019 (12 September 2019) (Recovering a sum obtained by email fraud for and behalf of the Plaintiff, awarded with indemnity costs) (sole advocate)

Cheng Shuk Ying v Promma Dutsanee & ors, DCCJ 1347/2019 (26 March 2019; 4 April 2019) (Acting on behalf of the Plaintiff for ex parte Mareva and proprietary injunction and continuance of the injunction on the same terms) (sole advocate)

LTM v. TPS, FCMC 6271/2018 (31 July 2019; 1 November 2019) (Acting for the Respondent Wife in the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearings for settlement of ancillary relief suit) (sole advocate)




Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136) of The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong (Hong Kong: LexisNexis Butterworths) (under contract with LexisNexis Hong Kong; in progress; forthcoming 2021)


‘Civil Fraud’ in Lexis Practical Guidance (Hong Kong) in Dispute Resolution (Hong Kong: LexisNexis Butterworths) (forthcoming)

‘Confidentiality’ in Lexis Practical Guidance (Hong Kong) in Data Protection (Hong Kong: LexisNexis Butterworths) (forthcoming)

‘Dismissals’ in Lexis Practical Guidance (Hong Kong) in Employment Law (Hong Kong: LexisNexis Butterworths 2020)

‘Maternity Leave’ in Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents in Employment Law (Hong Kong: LexisNexis Butterworths 2019)

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